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The word is: LOVE

Definition: Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Love: “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties"

To put you in the proper frame of mind for this week's “Life In A Word” blog, I encourage you to click the YouTube link below. It’s the opening scene of the movie “Love Actually”. I can pretty much guarantee it will make you smile. It might even bring a tear or two to your eyes. It gets me every time, always has, always will.

Love Actually Opening Scene:

My Story on Love

In honor of Mother's Day, I want to focus on the many faces of maternal love.

Eternal Love:

My grandmother was the epitome of love and energy. She had sixteen grandchildren and an abundance of love for every one of us. When she was in her late seventies, she flew up from Florida to Boston, just to visit me. I remember spotting her coming out of the passenger gangway and into the terminal. There she was walking towards me with this big smile on her face and two satchels, one hanging from each of her shoulders. As she came closer the satchels fell to the floor and we gave each other one of those hugs you feel with every inch of your being. Knowing that she had come all this way just to spend time with me has never been lost on me. I miss her every day and I carry her love with me always.

“Love at First Sight” Love

If you are a parent, picture the moment you held your newborn in your arms for the very first time. Leaving the "miracle of birth" emotions aside, remember how your body felt when you held this child up to your face, your child. Relive the moment when your skin touched his or her with that first embrace. That feeling is love - unabashed, feel the corners of your mouth ache with joy as you can't get the smile off your face, kind of love.

Love is Love is Love:

Love is an intangible emotion. You can't make it up, you can’t force it and more importantly, you can’t deny it. The feeling of being so drawn in by the mere presence of another human being, a grandparent, a parent, a child, a friend, a distant relative, or sometimes even a stranger, is quite possibly the greatest emotion we can hold.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It is a time to remember a mom who may have passed, with the fondest of memories. A day to celebrate the mom you still have and to be so very grateful for all she means to you. It is a day to embrace the daughter you have watched become a mother. It is also a day to remember the women in your life whose motherly love guided you through the many phases of your life. Celebrate the uniqueness of all these women and don't forget to let them know just how much you love them.

I want to end this blog by inviting you to watch the closing scene of “Love Actually” to see all the ages represented, the genders, the colors, the nationalities, and the sheer joy as they aptly display the many faces of love.

The final scene in “Love Actually”:

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