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What Clients are Saying

As a Life Coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me.

If you're ready to make a change or just want to learn more, please email me and let's talk. 


As a Life Coach, Ronni has helped me become more aware of my habits and reactions, given me tools to get through the rough points and helped me to see how to improve tough relationships. Ronni was never judgmental, but always supportive and insightful. She always seemed to find acceptable alternatives and that was extremely helpful. I felt unstuck and happier.

- Carolyn

Confidence Building

It may all seem so obvious, but knowing what to do, how to do it and how to repeat what you're doing (and not doing) is a lifelong path. Ronni's questions and clear assessment and lessons helped me understand and recognize where i was defeating myself. And she does this without the tired phrases that would stop me from listening. With Ronni's expert lead and her empathy, understanding and intelligence I have a plan that I can use and reuse. 

- Beth

Health & Fitness

My experience was very rewarding. Ronni has the innate gift of asking the right questions which led me to search deep inside - questions I never thought to ask myself. This self reflection helped me to truly understand the reasons for my self defeating habits. Ronni has a caring, trustworthy and positive energy. I am so thankful for her insight and encouragement!

- Barbara

Career Boost

After each session working with Ronni, I was one step closer to reaching my goal of pinpointing a career that checked all the right boxes. Ronni asked thought-provoking questions that focused attention on what I could do to move myself towards reaching my goal. One year later, I can say with certainty, that my work with Ronni was life-changing and successful.
                                                                                                  - Julia


I definitely received a boost in confidence which made it easier for me to reach out to established contacts as well as explore untapped ones. Ronni encouraged me to articulate what I was experiencing and better understand why I was in the situation I was in. In doing so, I found clarity and renewed focus. I also learned to relax a little more and be more optimistic of my situation.                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Alan                                                                                                           

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