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The Word is FUN

Definition: Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "what provides amusement or enjoyment"

Posted 8/8/22

Two things I have recently taken note of:

  1. The summer of 2022 is flying by and

  2. The world around us is still somewhat of a mess

So I decided to consciously turn off the noise, take advantage of the outdoors, and search for some good clean fun before the summer comes to an end.

What I landed on was the latest craze - Pickleball. Although it carries, what some might call, a silly name it seems to appeal to every generation and population. A few stories are floating around about how the game got its name. I liked the one that says one of the founders had a dog named Pickles who liked chasing balls. Fact? Fiction? Who knows for sure, but it delivered on my search for something fun. What I like more is the fact that this new sport (a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping pong) brings people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets together to play a game, learn from each other, and most importantly, to have fun.

My Story on Fun

My story begins on a Tuesday morning in July when I visited the recently built Pickleball courts, conveniently located just five minutes from my home. People all around me had been participating in this game for a few years, so when invited by a friend to watch him play, I accepted. Within minutes of my sitting on the courtside bench, a woman sat next to me, and we started talking. I explained that I was there as a spectator, seeking to satisfy my curiosity about the game. She voluntarily began teaching me the basics of Pickleball, the serve, the meaning of the lines, the scoring, and some basic strategies. A few minutes later, someone I hadn’t seen in years, overheard us talking and generously invited me to borrow one of her Pickleball paddles and play! “Nothing like just getting out there and doing it”, she said. Since I have enjoyed playing tennis, badminton, and ping pong over the years, I was all in. Within half an hour of my spectator status, I found myself on a court with three other ladies (only one of whom I knew) playing Pickleball. I had done some reading on the game the night before so I had some sense of what they were instructing me to do. They were patient and shared their insights. In no time at all, I was returning balls and scoring points. Amazing!

So what’s the point of bringing Pickleball into my blog on fun? The point is I see it as an example of what happens when people find common ground and work together. Random acts of kindness (welcoming someone new to the game), educating someone through sharing of information (or a paddle), and inclusion (inviting them to play) might be the best antidote to some of the messes in our world. So I invite you to think about how you might help make someone else’s life better and in the process maybe even have a little fun.

Here’s to Pickles, where ever you are. Thanks for putting some fun in my life as I spend the rest of the summer of 2022 chasing balls, just like you!


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