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The Word is: Curiosity

Definition: Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "...the desire to know"

I can conjure up no better example of curiosity than a visual of a child. Isn't that when our sense of curiosity begins? We come into this world with our eyes wide open and take in all kinds of visual stimuli and physical sensations; touch, smell, taste, and sounds. The world is new and inviting. It is a time of awe.

My Story on Curiosity

Close your eyes and picture a toddler sitting on a beach playing with the sand for the first time. He may hold it in his hands and watch as it slips through his fingers. The child has no concept of what he has just discovered, but he knows it feels good in his hands. He may take it a step further and place some of the sand in his mouth, perhaps thinking it might also feel good there. When it doesn't, he will hopefully spit it out. Curiosity and exploration are what allow us to learn and grow.

One could argue that history holds the answers to many of our curiosities. Questions are asked, answered, studied, and viewed from many sides. They are documented for us to learn from.

It’s the same with Life Coaching. Curiosity is one of the most vital tools in my toolbox. My role is to ask questions so I can learn about you. Your answers allow me to understand what you want to change about your life. As I listen to your answers. I take notes. I am documenting your history as I learn about your beliefs, behaviors, and habits.

There is no judgment in my role as your coach. Judgment is the opposite of curiosity; judgment shuts things down, whereas curiosity opens the door. As with history, when we ask questions of ourselves or others, study the answers, and view them from many sides, we will learn and grow too. Like the child curious about the world around him, exploration is also a time of awe for each one of us.

If you're having trouble achieving your goals, it might be time to talk to a Life Coach. I hope you will reach out to me. Thank you for reading my blog and checking back next week for my “Life In A Word” posting.

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