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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The word is BETTER

Definition: Merriam-Webster Dictionary: improved in health or mental attitude

Posted 10/23/23

In these challenging times, it's more important than ever to check in with our loved ones and find ways to support each other. Lately, I've avoided the greeting “How are you?" when interacting with family and friends. Why? Because most of us are not doing so great. We're confused, afraid, and, in some cases, falling into periods of depression. So instead of asking “How are you” I ask “What’s going on in your world today?” This open-ended question allows you to share, vent, and unload. The honest exchange of thoughts and emotions can have a very cathartic effect.

As a Life Coach, my goal is twofold:

  1. To guide my clients on to a path of self-awareness and exploration

  2. To help them uncover, navigate, and activate behaviors that lead to a better way of thinking, acting, and living

Although we can't ignore the events of the world, we can control how much of them we let in on any given day. We can turn off our cell phone alerts, limit our time on social media, and curtail our viewing of cable and network news. In addition to those actions, we can remind ourselves of the parts of our lives that make us smile and the parts we are most grateful for. If we can’t think of any, perhaps we can ask others how they find theirs. I’ll share some of mine with you now. And after you read my story, I encourage you to schedule your free one-hour consultation to help get you on a better path.

My Story on "Better"

I admit to being a bit of a news junkie. I start my day watching fifteen to twenty minutes of national news, just enough to catch the headlines and a bit more. Those fifteen to twenty minutes consistently leave me feeling exasperated. In March 2020 (the onset of the Pandemic), I decided to practice yoga for twenty to thirty minutes immediately following the morning news. Science has supported the fact that yoga is excellent for reducing stress.

In recent weeks, with the additional national and global unrest, I have added a 10-minute meditation practice to my morning routine. This routine has allowed me to start my day off feeling better. It can be an option for you too simply by going to the YouTube Channel and searching for "Yoga with Adriene".

I bring this up to drive home an important point. We have the power to incorporate something into our day that will make us feel better. It need not be a thirty-minute yoga class or ten minutes of meditation. In fact, for just a moment yesterday, the vibrant colors of the autumn leaves made the pond I drove past look like a painting come to life.

The warmth of my family gathering this week for the celebration of my mom's 92nd birthday instilled a deep sense of gratitude for still having her in our lives.

The possibilities for feeling better are there if we take a moment to look around and notice them. Simply walking in your neighborhood could result in a friendly encounter with a neighbor.

Consider the look on the face of an elderly person when you stop by to simply say hello. I did just that yesterday. As she opened her front door, you couldn't help but notice the smile that came to her face.

Kind exchanges make people feel better.

Doing any of these things doesn’t make life perfect or erase sadness or pain, but doing them more often allows for those moments to take root. And the more we focus on those happy moments the lower the impact of that which brings us down. And before you know it, you’re training your mind to think better, feel better, and show the world the better side of you. And that my friends can be contagious. So take a few minutes today to smile at someone you pass in a store or on the street. Call someone to tell them you love them.

Take the time to make yourself and someone else feel better. If we all do our part, there will be more to smile about, I guarantee it. And that sounds really good about now.


Life is filled with challenges, and having the right tools makes a huge difference in how you manage them. As your Life Coach, I will provide you with those tools. I invite you to reach out to me, so we can get started. I know it will be time well spent.

I offer a free one-hour consultation. Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

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